Are cloud assets and IoT in your cybersecurity blind spot?


With the increasing use of cloud-based applications and IoT, the adversary has new targets in your network. In addition, the integrity and security of office and industrial control systems is a new concern that cybersecurity teams must address. Unfortunately, your legacy security tools are not able to provide you with the visibility or cyber-risk insights for these asset types.

Balbix is designed to discover and analyze all non-traditional asset types and provide you with relevant risk insights for each of these asset classes. You get comprehensive visibility into the cybersecurity posture of all of your asset types and do not have to deploy specialized point products for each non-traditional asset class or worry about how you would integrate dozens of tools into your security program.

Comprehensive visibility into the cybersecurity posture of your non-traditional assets

IoT and OT

While IoT and OT systems typically have narrower functionality and a smaller attack surface than traditional IT systems, they are generally problematic from a security operations perspective. These system often have proprietary interfaces which makes it difficult for cyber-defenders to understand if they are running vulnerable software or are misconfigured. Security patches are often not available, and even if they are, downtime is often not an option.
Balbix discovers, categorizes, and analyzes IoT and OT assets in your network for cyber-risk. Balbix also prescribes mitigations for these assets differently– focusing more on practical compensating controls than on patching.

Cloud Security

Traditional security tools don’t work well for assets in AWS or Azure. As a result, the weakest link in your cybersecurity posture might be cloud assets that you don’t even know exist, e.g., an S3 bucket with open access policy, or an unpatched EC2 instance.

Balbix is able to discover, observe and analyze all of your cloud assets, including resources available only via API. For each asset, Balbix will provide you with insights into how the asset is being used and by whom, plus an assessment of cybersecurity configuration and whether it presents cyber-risk to the organization.

Visibility into SaaS

Organizations typically have tens or even hundreds of SaaS applications in use by employees, many of which are critical to your organization’s business, e.g., and the website of your company’s bank. You want to know exactly which of these are sanctioned (or not) and which are critical. You are also wondering which of these 3rd party websites are processing or storing important pieces of your confidential information, and if they have an acceptable cybersecurity posture.

With Balbix, you are able to see which SaaS services are in use by your organization, and which groups of users are using what applications. You can also see key cybersecurity properties of these 3rd party sites.

Secure your non-traditional assets like cloud, SaaS, IoT, and OT systems with AI and search