As regulatory mandates increase, so do reporting requirements demanded of organizations. With an ever-evolving landscape of attack vectors, increasing complexity of the IT environment, and rapid changes in technology, it is imperative that compliance monitoring is seamless and simplified to keep pace.  Balbix BreachControlTM automates security compliance assessment reporting to enable real-time, continuous verification for applicable regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and others.BreachControl offers:

  • Continuous compliance monitoring
  • Natural language search to understand compliance risk associated with IT assets
  • Prioritized list of mitigation actions and prescriptive fixes to simplify compliance

Key Benefits

Complete Visibility

Real-time visibility into security compliance status of all IT assets, apps, and users in your environment.


Continuous Monitoring

Automated and real-time assessment of security and compliance across 200+ attack vectors.

Flexible Reporting

Quick and easy compliance reporting via role-based reports and rich, visual dashboard.

Simplified Compliance

Repeatable, trackable compliance management process to create reports for auditors and other stakeholders.