Balbix makes it simple to measure the effectiveness of your existing security controls, and to identify gaps in your risk posture. Balbix calculates risk across your entire enterprise and maps the results to corresponding security and compensating controls deployed within your enterprise, all while providing actionable insights to help you improve security and optimize your resilience.


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How Effective are your Security Controls?

Lacking the ability to adequately measure breach risk leaves your security team in the dark regarding the effectiveness of existing security controls, and makes analyzing how well controls are mitigating risk next to impossible. Balbix’s automated risk measurement readily reveals the effectiveness of deployed controls.

Find out what Works

Enterprises are under continuous pressure to improve security by implementing new security products. However, how do you effectively measure which products are actually worth the investment? Balbix clearly identifies security controls that are meaningfully reducing risk to help you avoid redundant expenditures.




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Risk Dashboard for your Board

Management, board members and auditors want continuous and accurate IT risk visibility for the enterprise. Balbix risk dashboard provides a comprehensive view of breach risk in a single pane of glass.