Imagine a self learning system powered by artificial intelligence that can continuously predict breach likelihood and impact for every device, app and user on your network — across hundreds of attack vectors.


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Continuously calculate the breach risk of each device, user and app in the enterprise. Know what factors drive your cyber-risk and gain actionable insights to mitigate future attacks.




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Whether it is phishing, credential exposure, illegal access or misconfiguration, uncover the likelihood of breach for your enterprise across hundreds of attack vectors.




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What can an attacker access via a compromised device, app or user? Balbix automatically calculates business impact for every asset connected to your extended network.


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Discover Your Network

Balbix BreachControl™ automatically and continuously discovers and tracks every enterprise asset, both managed and unmanaged, including IoT, cloud and third party. Balbix provides a real-time view of your enterprise devices, apps and users with automatic categorization.

Monitor Hundreds of Attack Vectors

Balbix continuously monitors breach likelihood for every enterprise asset across hundreds of attack vectors such as phishing, credentials, misconfiguration and malicious behavior.

Know Your Breach Business Impact

Now you can evaluate the breach impact for every device, app and user located within your network. Balbix discovers each device’s access to other resources located throughout your enterprise, and calculates the business impact of compromise for every enterprise asset.

Your Enterprise Risk Heat Map

Balbix provides a clickable and searchable risk heat map for your entire enterprise, including IoT and cloud. Get visibility into your risk and investigate where the risk is coming from and how to mitigate it.

Predict Breach Scenarios

By simulating all possible breach paths, the Balbix Risk Dashboard identifies your enterprise’s likeliest risk breach scenarios by highlighting the initial attack point and automatically calculating the risk of lateral movement and data exfiltration for every network asset.

Prioritize and Mitigate

Balbix provides clear and actionable insights to prioritize your security team’s initiatives and mitigate your breach risk. Your security team not only sees what actions are necessary to improve security, but also understands why.




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Measure Effectiveness for Existing Controls

Balbix provides a continuous and comprehensive security profile for your entire enterprise by evaluating how well existing security controls are mitigating your risk. You can discover which controls are effective and determine what investments are needed to optimize your future security initiatives to increase resilience and reduce costs.

Security Reporting for Your Board

Now you can generate risk assessment reports for your management, board, and auditors with a single click. Balbix makes it easy to evaluate risk across your entire enterprise, track progress, and prioritize initiatives.

Search Across Your Enterprise

Can your security team instantly locate the riskiest servers in your datacenter, or identify users most vulnerable to phishing attacks? Balbix offers natural language search to help your security team uncover real risks and take action.