BreachControlTM uses deep learning and specialized AI algorithms to calculate breach risk for every asset and provides mitigation actions, prioritized based on business impact.  Prescriptive and directed fixes for each mitigation action allow your security teams to quickly address and remediate the issue as a part of your automated security workflow.

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Prioritized List of Action Items

Prioritized list of mitigation actions to proactively address potential breaches:

  • All suggested security actions prioritized based on business impact and overall business risk
  • Understand and select the most urgent tasks first to get maximum impact in reducing risk and improving cyber-resilience

Prescriptive Fixes

Clear, prescriptive fixes to speed remediation:

  • Detailed insights into each mitigation action to understand the problem and quickly implement the fix
  • Significantly increase the productivity and agility of security and SOC teams in implementing fixes

Integration with Enterprise Workflows

Seamlessly incorporate remediation into your existing security workflows with directed fixes:

  • Integration with standard ticketing systems like ServiceNow, JIRA, etc.
  • Integration with security automation platforms like Phantom