BreachControlTM platform continuously discovers all assets on your extended network— devices, applications and users, as well as the relationships between these entities, irrespective if they are located on-premises, in the cloud, or mobile or SaaS. The platform categorizes and analyzes each asset appropriately, so you can better understand, manage, and secure your asset inventory.

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Coverage for a Full Range of IT Assets

Complete coverage for a broad range of IT assets including:

  • Managed and unmanaged (BYOD)
  • Devices, apps, users
  • On-premises, cloud, and partner assets
  • IoT and mobile

Continuous, Real-Time Discovery of All Assets

Fully automated and continuous monitoring of the full set of IT assets:

  • Automatically create an inventory of all existing assets in hours
  • Discover any newly added or upgraded assets in real-time

Categorization of Assets into Buckets

Asset inventory automatically categorized in a variety of different ways to provide:

  • Ability to view assets by type of asset – whether core asset (e.g. server) or perimeter asset (e.g. mobile device, IoT, public server, or SaaS) – and its geographic location.
  • Ability to view assets in cloud instances, on-premises, and end-points

Natural Language Search Capabilities

Powerful natural language search engine to allow crafting of complex queries combining multiple asset criteria like:

  • How many iOS devices do we have in Mountain View?
  • How many DNS servers are in Moscow?

In-Depth Details on Each Asset

100s of observations for each asset from multiple lenses to easily detect a variety of issues:

  • In-depth information on assets enriched with deep component info like software and hardware details, active services, status of ports whether open or closed, and user accounts
  • Risk summary for each individual asset including asset profile, discoverability, open ports, users, MAC/IP addresses, certificates, and connections

Cloud Visibility

Comprehensive inventory and discovery of assets within public cloud platforms and private clouds:

  • Instant inventory with detailed metadata and relationship mapping
  • Continuous risk assessment of cloud inventory across multiple attack vectors

Monitored across 100+ Attack Vectors

Identification of vulnerabilities and risk across a broad set of 100+ attack vectors like:

  • Unpatched software, phishing, web, & ransomware
  • Misconfigurations, missing & poor encryption and many more