Your security team is overwhelmed with alerts and investigations, making it difficult to prioritize and focus on those assets that pose the highest risk.  Balbix helps your security team to operate more efficiently and effectively by identifying your high risk devices, apps and users, and providing actionable insights to mitigate risk.

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Discover your High Risk Assets

Your enterprise attack surface contains hundreds of attack vectors and is rapidly increasing. Reactive measures such as plugging holes with point products and controls are inadequate. To predict attacks and stay ahead of the game, you need to continuously analyze your attack surface and uncover your weaknesses.

Prioritize your Security Initiatives

Balbix analyzes each device, app and user across hundreds of attack vectors and identifies the factors contributing to a high risk score. Your security team can prioritize initiatives to focus on high risk areas.


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Mitigate with Actionable Insights

Not all assets are equal. Devices and apps that have access to sensitive networks or data significantly increase your breach risk. Balbix provides strategic and tactical actionable insights to mitigate risk and increase resilience. Insights are prioritized by business impact to focus efforts on areas of greatest risk.