How can your enterprise transform cyber security from reactive to predictive?

What if you could discover where you are most vulnerable and what actions are necessary to prevent an attack from happening in the first place? Balbix provides automated and continuous breach risk prediction for your enterprise across hundreds of attack vectors.

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What Assets will the Attacker Go After?

Not all assets are equal. Devices and apps that have access to sensitive networks or data significantly increase your breach risk. Balbix calculates the business impact for every device by examining its access to sensitive networks, services and data.


Where will the Attack Originate?

Balbix automatically and continuously discovers all devices and apps connected to your network and analyzes each across hundreds of attack vectors to identify those assets that are most likely to be compromised or are the easiest to attack.





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How will the Attack Propagate?

Do you know the likely attack propagation paths in your network that can be used for lateral movement? These paths can be calculated by examining each device’s specific connectivity and access to the enterprise’s high impact assets such as sensitive networks (PCI), critical network infrastructure (AD), and data center/cloud.