Balbix BreachControlTM is easy to deploy and provides comprehensive risk analysis with automatic discovery and ongoing monitoring of all IT assets within hours of first deployment. Sensors, deployed as physical appliances or software, can be installed within minutes and start discovering assets and monitoring traffic in real-time.

Ongoing operation of BreachControl is automatic and seamless, providing SecOps teams a consolidated view of their enterprise-wide inventory and organizational risk posture, including the ability to view the risk data in a variety of different ways – by asset type, by attack vector, or as a risk heat map.

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Ease of Deployment

Visibility into your enterprise risk within 48 hours:

  • Sensors plug into your environment in hours and automatically create an enterprise-wide risk heat map
  • Easy and efficient connections to your enterprise data sources allow for seamless data integration

Clickable Heat Map

Interactive, real-time risk heat map for rich visualization provides:

  • Clickable, drill-down views ranging from the overall enterprise environment down to individual assets, categorized by perimeter vs. core asset type, and geo location
  • Visual segmentation of risk by attack vector, asset type, and business criticality

Natural Language Search Capabilities

Powerful natural language search engine allows crafting of complex queries combining multiple criteria…ask questions like:

  • How many iOS devices do we have in Mountain View?
  • Show me all my admin users
  • Which assets are likely to be impacted by WannaCry?
  • How many DNS servers in Moscow have unpatched software vulnerabilities?

Role-Based Access and Reporting

BreachControl displays cyber-risk data based on roles of the user, like super admin, admin, etc., complying with your enterprise data access policies:

  • Automatically generate role-based reports and dashboards to drive cross-team collaboration
  • Get data for board-level reporting instantly