The Cybersecurity Posture Automation Platform

Attack Surface Map

Lack cyber visibility? Discover, prioritize and mitigate unseen risks and vulnerabilities at high velocity.

Drowning in cybersecurity data but starved for insights? Automate your cyber risk calculations.

As an enterprise security leader, are you facing these challenges?

Your Infosec program is developing

  • Lack of accurate asset inventory
  • Worry about unseen risks and vulnerabilities
  • Issues appear faster than your can fix them
  • Your team is constantly chasing low impact items
  • Your colleagues don’t understand cyber risk

You have a mature Infosec program

You are drowning in data from dozens of IT and security tools, but lack insights into your overall cyber risk

For organizations ranging from startups to the Fortune 500, Balbix makes discovering, prioritizing and mitigating cyber risks and vulnerabilities easier.
Automate Cybersecurity Posture

Leverage Advanced AI to Automate Your Cybersecurity Posture

The enterprise attack surface is massive and there is a myriad of ways by which attackers can breach the enterprise. Infosec teams try to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities using multiple tools and manual workflows but can’t keep up.

Analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is not a human scale problem anymore!

Using specialized AI, Balbix continuously gathers and analyzes inventory and cyber risk information. Our platform enables a broad set of use cases that help you automate your cybersecurity posture, reduce cyber risk and improve resilience.

Balbix Quick Overview

How Customers Use Balbix

Automated Asset Discovery

Automated Asset Discovery

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Cyber Risk Quantification

Cyber Risk Quantification

Unified Cybersecurity Asset Management

Unified Cybersecurity Asset Management

Enterprise Vulnerability Prioritization

Enterprise Vulnerability Prioritization

Cyber-Risk Visibility and Board-level Reporting

Cyber-Risk Visibility and Board-level Reporting

We’ve helped teams and organizations like yours create positive change.

"Balbix is an industry leading platform that consolidates cyber risks into a single reportable model. This technology is enabling us to scorecard our risk remediation performance and gain continuous visibility into open security issues."

Rhonda Gass CIO at Stanley Black & Decker

"Time is of the essence to win in cybersecurity, so we invest in tools and architectures that give us a speed advantage. Balbix provides us with real-time security posture visibility, vulnerability prioritization and reduces our MTTR for issues."

Daniel Gisler CISO at Oerlikon

Top US Telecommunications Giant

  • $55 million annual cost saving
  • 158% more assets discovered with real-time inventory system
  • Vulnerability identification and remediation shrinking from weeks to hours

You know how your security tools give you 10,000 things to do? Balbix is different - it categorizes and prioritizes our risk and tells me where we might get breached every time something changes in our security posture.

Jason Brown

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

  • 125% more assets found with real-time inventory system
  • 4x more vulnerabilities identified and fixed
  • 10x faster resolution of risk items

"Balbix has a great vision for providing value to security. I want to know my risk and reduce it and I want to be able to show that progress in a meaningful way. Balbix helps me do this."

John Shaffer CIO at Greenhill & Co

"Balbix provides best-in-class security risk assessment and inventory of equipment. The functionality of the system itself exceeds that of all others that we have reviewed."

AVP Technology 30B+ US Telco

Industry Recognition

Balbix Industry Recognition Balbix Industry Recognition